Different Lines

Travel past, present and planned

Bucket list

Always changing, always lengthening…..

– Rafting the Grand Canyon

– Visiting Antarctica

– Visiting Tokyo

– Seeing India v Pakistan in cricket, in one of those countries

– Travel the Trans-Mongolian from Beijing to Moscow…. then continue overland all the way home to Dublin

– Attend all four tennis Grand Slams (two done, two to go)

See the Indian Ocean coast of Mozambique DONE Sept 2016

– Drive the USA coast to coast

– Dive in Iceland

– Fly first class!

– Go to Tehran and Isfahan in Iran

– See Damascus when peace returns to Syria

– Visit Wadi Rum

– See the Djenne Mosque in Mali

– Sleep in the desert

– See the Northern Lights

– Learn how to cross-country ski

– Do a bobsleigh run

– Go overland through Africa

– See Reunion Island

– Experience the monsoon

– Visit Greenland

– Mountain bike in Utah

– Trek gorillas in Uganda / Rwanda

– Participate in an Elvis wedding

– See Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

Island-hop in the Philippines DONE Jan 2017

– Go to a Winter Olympics

– Take a winter break somewhere that has no sunlight


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