Our Travel Tuesday feature on Newstalk FM took us this week to the North-East of Brazil, recounting places we'd visited – like Salvador and Morro de Sao Paolo – and some on the to-do list, ranging from Jericoacoara to Fernando do Noronha. Check out the podcast and all our past podcasts here.

We covered the sights and sounds of Salvador: the Pelourinho, the heart of the old city named after its slave whipping post; the drum troupes and capoeira dancers that can be seen in its streets and squares; and the Carnaval celebrations regarded as the best in Brazil.

Salvador, its music and dance was featured on Paul Simon's Rhythm of the Saints album, including one of his best songs The Obvious Child. The video shows it too, though in a somewhat less pristine condition than it is today.

To Morro de Sao Paolo, an idyllic beach destination on the island of Tinhare. The most striking thing about Morro is it's total lack of paved roads – wheelbarrows and donkeys are the mode of transport rather than cars on its sand paths. Make sure to stop by the night time cocktail bar stands on the beach – the potent parties continue late.

Fernando do Noronha's dolphin bay, Jericoacoara's sunset dune, Brazil's north-east has cities of extraordinary culture and history, and beaches that are imprinted on the mind as stunning postcards. Check out the podcast and follow here for more updates.