Since September of last year, I’ve been contributing an occasional Travel slot on High Noon on Newstalk FM (national radio station in Ireland).

It started as every four weeks, moved quickly to every three, had one two-week interval, and from this week Travel Tuesday (for it airs on a Tuesday!) will go weekly.

I’ll pop up the podcasts here each week, as one way of ensuring I post more frequently, but also to give an overview of the range of travel topics we cover.


Unusually – indeed for the first time – we stayed domestic this week, covering the Irish Tourism Industry Awards from last Friday, and the winners of awards for best Irish travel experiences and innovations.

From biking to bogs, food and drink to history and heritage, via adults only camping, myself and presenter George Hook got through a lot.


For those unfamiliar with George, he is Ireland’s most instantly recognisable broadcaster – a rugby pundit turned outspoken, idiosyncratic radio presenter.  No detail of his life it seems is unknown to his listeners, which makes for fantastic – and occasionally jaw-dropping – radio, as summed up in his preview of his weekly health slot:

I was going to say thankfully such topics don’t arise in Travel Tuesday, but I’d hate to tempt fate.