On the wonderful Krabi Sunset Cruise I did a silly thing.

I jumped into the water with my GoPro not with a floating handle, but with it clipped in to the chest harness.

As I hit the water, something hit my chin.  When I looked down, there was the harness, without its GoPro.  It was sinking to the sandy depths, an indeterminate distance below.

This was near the end of our trip.  So it wasn’t the expense of replacing the GoPro that was to front of mind (though that would have hit shortly no doubt).  All my footage from our holiday – from Bangkok, Phuket and beautiful Krabi was heading for the sea bed.  Sunset had just passed, and the light surely was poor.

Michael, our main guide on the cruise, sprung into action.  But in the meantime, all was lost and a GoPro pondered its brief existence…..