First up in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge treble is a night view of the Eiffel Tower. The beams bring to mind something from the War of the Worlds, scanning the Parisian night for hostile actions. This was taken in 2007, during a visit for the French Open. Read more about it and other sporting travels here. 

Next up will not be to everyone’s taste, but is from Ronda in Andalucia, and it’s annual bullfighting festival.   The bull is still fighting, and appears the aggressor, but doesn’t yet realise that the battle has been lost already. Taken in 2012, the festival remains a major event in the annual calendar in Ronda, a spectacularly located destination. 

Finally, a summer in Dublin shot. At high tide, kids take it in turns to leap off the Wooden Bridge at Clontarf into the surprisingly welcoming waters below.